What Sports Fans Should Know about the perpetual passive source of income by FanFury’s Fanclubs

For several years now, fantasy sports have provided unlimited opportunities to sports fans looking for passive income streams. For the uninitiated, they are a type of game in which participants form teams based on real sports. They earn points based on how well their chosen players perform. As a fantasy team owner, players can typically scout talent, pick players, and compete against other fantasy owners to emerge as the winner.

While fantasy sports leagues allow users to participate in a sport and win prizes, they also provide developers with the opportunity to make massive profits. Certainly, fantasy sports is an exciting space, but it does not come without its own challenges.

Issues such as severe exchange rates, transaction fees, and other expenses often limit fans’ access to the actual fantasy sports experiences they deserve. Furthermore, most fantasy sports games are centralized, leaving users with no appeal in the event of a problem. Companies typically wield all power and sometimes even set up dummy winners in leagues to avoid paying prizes. And more often, critical user information provided during registration is vulnerable to network hacking or being sold to other companies for profit.

This is where a blockchain-enabled decentralized fantasy sports platform delivers.

Fanfury: Pioneering a New Era in Fantasy Sports

Introducing Fanfury, one of the first Terra-based play-to-earn games that provides everyone with a decentralized gaming experience. The centralized nature of the fantasy sports sector has made it ripe for blockchain disruption, and Fanfury aims at taking advantage of this.

Blockchain has allowed the Fanfury platform to be more transparent and accountable. It also aids in the detection of fraudulent entries and the authentication of bets, making fantasy games tamper-proof. Fanfury delivers gaming experiences like never before for sports and De-Fi fanatics across the globe by addressing issues, such as data manipulation, unfair user practices, user privacy, etc., through blockchain solutions.

Fan Clubs are the foundation of Fanfury. In addition to letting players own a portion of their favorite team, Fan Clubs are also a perpetual source of passive income for the game’s participants.

Here’s everything you need to know about Fan Clubs on Fanfury.

Earn Passive Income with Fan Clubs

For sports fans across the world, there’s nothing like getting to own a Fan Club; it’s simply a question of loyalty and dedication. Fan Clubs on Fanfury allow you to own a part of your favorite team, whether it’s football, cricket, basketball, baseball, or any other sport. Each Fan Club represents a real sports team, and there are a total of 250 to choose from.

Because Fanfury’s rake fees (5%) are cheaper than those of other traditional fantasy sports platforms, gamers can now earn more of the profits generated. In addition to this, 40% of the platform’s rake fee will be distributed every day and for every contest among the 250 Fan Clubs using a gamified distribution mechanism. This is good news for both Fan Club owners and fans.

For owners, this means that:

  • They are eligible for additional rewards compared to other contributors. Owners will receive 1% of their team’s reward allocation, as well as an equal portion of the remaining money after the 1% is deducted.
  • The top team’s owner also receives 1% of the total rewards available to everyone. This gives Fan Club owners a greater incentive to push their team to the top of the leaderboard.

As for fans:

  • They will have a permanent source of passive income and the opportunity to let their investment work for them when they invest in a Fan Club.
  • Rewards will be paid out in perpetuity and derived directly from the protocol’s net profit.
  • When fans join a Fan Club, they effectively become its de facto part-owner; the bids they pay are converted into a percentage of ownership in the fan club. This allows them to receive a daily portion of the revenue generated by the platform.

As a result, whether you’re a content creator, owner, fan, or fantasy sports participant, owning a Fanfury fan club delivers a long-term and sustainable source of passive revenue.

Fan Clubs on Fanfury are now live, so what are you waiting for? Claim a Fan Club today and start earning rewards. To know more about Fanfury, click here.




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