Top BitClout Influencers | Who Are The Top BitClout Influencers in 2021

Making money has never been as easy as it is now in 2021. Knowing how to use cryptocurrency and overall the internet stock market is the new way to guaranty your spot in high society. Whether it’s Bitcoin, or NFT, or any other digital coin on the web right now, they are all ranking high values of billions of dollars. And there’s a new player on the field everyone is talking about, which is; “Bitclout!”

Bitclout is another decentralized blockchain that portrays as a social media platform. Like Twitter, it gives you the ability to post, comment, follow, and get followed. But unlike the other social media spaces, the number of followings is not the only thing depicting one’s success on the platform, you also have your own coin with its own competitive price.

So basically the more people invest in a profile the higher their coin will get, and the higher the revenues for people who already invested in them will be as well.

Who’s on there? Well, day by day more celebrities are verifying their profiles on Bitclout and making it their new platform.


Craig Clemens “@Craig”: Well right now he’s the number one active user on Bitclout. And his coin values at more than 35 million dollars each! He’s an American businessman, entrepreneur, and one of the co-founders of “Golden Hippo Media”, which offers health and wellbeing beauty products. He’s also a famous Copywriter that specializes in digital business, so you know his profile would give the best advice when it comes to using Bitclout.

Craig Clemens

Mario Nawfal “@MarioNawfal”: Saying this guy is a rising influencer is an understatement, he’s much more than that. Mario Nawfal is the person to follow in 2021. This Business owner/famous talk show host of “The RoundTable”, is the most impressive young entrepreneur out there. He knows everyone and everything and is well within his game. Just tracking his Bitclout activity can be very informative, he knows who to invest in and when, and he also offers this knowledge to his investors. The incentives he’s offering include FREE Access to his Bitclout Exchange & Fund, Insider Investment Data, and his Bitclout Marketing Agency & Podcast. Investing in Mario means joining his team, and you want to be on this guy’s team to win at Bitclout.

Mario Nawfal

High Key “@Highkey: An influencer management company that has secured amazing celebrity collabs like Kevin Hart, Bella throne, Lil Pump, and many others. It is led by founders Jordan and luke Lintz, is currently handling celebrity giveaways and to no surprise leading one of the biggest profiles on Bitclout, with a 16-thousand-dollar coin price. They already broke the record for the highest number of Reclouts, and are rising in value each day. Investing in them can be very promising!

High Key’s Founders

Jake Udell “@jakeudell: The guy who left his six-figure paying job to manage female DJs, and make them reach the top 40 in record time! He’s an American music manager, entrepreneur, and founder of TH3RD BRAIN, a talent management company. Jake is a very active part of the crypto world, one of his NFT coins was bought by Elon Musk, and on Bitclout he has gained a considerable number of followers getting his coin price up to twenty-one thousand dollars. If you check the Crypto Twitter right now, he’s probably clouting!

Jake Udell

Shaan Puri “@ShaanVP: whether it’s him creating Beebo and then selling it to twitch, or his “My First Million podcast” Hosting skills, or when he raised 2.5 million dollars for his rolling Fund in eleven days, just from a tweet, Shaan has shown time and time again that he’s one of the best when it comes to the art of business. And now he is fully committed to Bitclout because he knows that it’s the next step. After he joined the Clout, he has gained a huge following and his coin is currently valued at nine thousand dollars. His page has some of the best rebalancing advice.

Shaan Puri

In short, Bitclout is a Platform you should join today, and these five influencers are the creators you should be looking for!

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