This Revolutionized Monopoly Game Can Pay you Real Money

We all remember Monopoly as the multi-player board game played with fake money, causing a quarrel amongst friends, families, and acquaintances alike. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing with your sibling, parent, partner, BFF, or even a friend’s friend you don’t know. Monopoly has the ability to turn the most cool-headed person competitive when that board is brought out.

When boredom hits, Monopoly is the go-to game for all age groups. However, the more a person plays the game, the more the game nuances become clearer. This money-spinning game offers insights into the workings of financial and real estate transactions. Much like real life, success in the game is based on the gambles undertaken. With Monopoly, the roll of dice determines the players’ fates proving how luck can be a fickle thing.

Over the years, Monopoly has seen a range of different versions. With the fierce onset of digitization, it only seems befitting that Monopoly is being brought to the blockchain by The Monopolist. The goal is to build a sustainable game and afford players the opportunity to have fun. It is an educational experience whereby players ultimately learn more about financial markets and investments.

What’s all the hype over The Monopolist?

Dubbed ‘Monopoly clubbed with blockchain,’ The Monopolist, a Monopoly-style game, is an NFT and blockchain gaming project. It is a digital play-to-earn game designed on EOS blockchain, with the Monopolist token — MONO. 2021 is the year chosen for Game Release 1.0 for browsers.

However, this will only be the beginning for The Monopolist. The year 2022 will see the release of the mobile version, and a further release of the Web version. As NFT and blockchain gaming projects are all the rage now, the year 2021 couldn’t have been more perfect for the release of such a project. The Monopolist is all set to revolutionize the players’ gaming experiences.

This platform allows players to buy, sell and trade imaginary properties which stem from real-world places. However, in the stead of paper currencies, digital collectibles or NFTs will be used to make a transaction happen.

In a delightful twist, properties recorded in the game will be owned by players, not the gaming company. Moreover, the land in the game, just like in the real world, would have a ceiling limit.

What are the Advantages for Mono Holders?

A game so ahead of its time packs an extra punch as it rewards MONO holders in more ways than one, such as Staking, Farming, NFT markets, and gameplaying, of course.

  • Master your Game: The players in The Monopolist own all the items that they have earned or purchased through the game, which can be kept safe in their virtual wallets. Moreover, the blockchain tech lets you keep a note of all your transactions, from exchanging to purchasing.
  • Security & Rationality: The decentralization element of Blockchain technology in The Monopolist permits the users to keep track and scrutinize their past actions and the actions of other players. This ensures data security, so there can be no risks of data deletion or cheating, as it often happens in Monopoly.
  • Financial Rewards: In The Monopolists’ economy, revenue with the users is shared by issuing an enormous amount of tokens. Owing to blockchain’s advances, the in-game payment modes between players without depending on the payment of any third party are tokens. On winning, players will not only receive tokens. Still, they will also have the opportunity to acquire new materials, characters, or items that they can bring to the NFT market for exchange.

In the universe of cryptocurrency and blockchain, The Monopolist makes Monopoly the first board game to be blockchain-ized. The traditional Monopoly is not restricted to the boards now. Players can find this modernized version of the classic game on the web to play, learn, and earn real money.

Play Hard, Earn More

The Monopolist is an all-inclusive, fun platform for anybody engaging in gameplay, gaining financial management skills, and gaining insight into how an economy functions. At the same time, they earn money online in games and in the NFT marketplace.

Akin to a large percentage of users’ playing similar blockchain-sized games, this game too yields gratifying returns for its users. Supposedly, they have been able to earn money by playing the game and participating in token exchanges for actual market values, which has, amazingly, converted into a passive income for many.

With the ostensibly never-ending lockdowns due to the COVID-19 situations, this application offers the perfect gaming pastime and financial solutions for anyone interested. Only those who are adept in the world of crypto or gaming don’t necessarily need to indulge; any person, even someone who is just dipping their toe in, can more than partake on this user-friendly platform.




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