The ultimate battle royal crypto game is here

While economies elsewhere crashed down, gaming and cryptocurrency were among the few industries that emerged stronger during the pandemic. In fact, with cryptocurrencies getting more mainstream by the day and concepts like DeFi and NFTs transforming the entire gaming landscape, blockchain-based play-to-earn games have also been on the rise. If you’ve ever wanted a game that not only entertained you but also allowed you to make money while playing it, your wait is over.

Introducing Katana Inu — the ultimate battle royal crypto game that’s here to break barriers and transport you to a new dimension in blockchain gaming. Katana Inu is a play-to-earn battle royale PC game and an innovative NFT Marketplace that serves as an all-encompassing ecosystem for gamers and traders. The platform intends to be more than just a place to have fun; it also seeks to be a place where people may earn passive income through immersive gameplay. The Katana Inu ecosystem does this by combining gaming with cryptocurrency to deliver an entertaining and rewarding experience for players.

The relevance of Katana Inu in today’s gaming landscape

With gaming traditionally being a decentralized activity that only generates profits for developers, P2E NFT games like Katana Inu are definitely a need. Apart from the exciting dopamine release after a win, players have traditionally derived little to no benefit from playing games. This is why the concept of Play-to-Earn appeals to gamers. Thanks to the advent of cryptocurrencies and blockchain gaming, gamers are now increasingly participating in virtual gaming environments, where virtual asset ownership through concepts like NFTs is a key factor in determining a gamer’s status and progression.

However, not all blockchain games live up to the high expectations you might have for them. The majority of blockchain games are basic and have mediocre visuals. This is where Katana Inu stands out, with its high-quality graphics, detailed character models, and engrossing action. Plus, there’s more. From the high-end graphics and photorealistic visuals to the usable 3D Characters and weapon models — all of these can be minted as NFTs. Katana Inu will also offer its players an NFT-Marketplace, which will serve as a trading platform that incorporates several aspects of the Katana Inu game.

Gameplay and NFT Marketplace

Multiple game modes are available in the Katana Inu game, including an open-world Battle Royale mode and the more competitive 5v5 team play. Each character in the game will have their own set of skills and powers. These can be unlocked by completing particular tasks. So all you’ve got to do is choose a character, customize them with various skins and in-game items, and begin battling to win the game. Players may also uncover loot boxes, sell them on the NFT Marketplace, and earn money.

The premise of Katana Inu’s NFT game is simple: players gain ownership of every NFT they discover and purchase. Skins, caps, and special powers are among the in-game things that may be minted as NFTs. Players can also generate money by selling these NFTs. Essentially, the NFT marketplace will assist players in connecting, acquiring verified results, and earning incentives for their token holdings.

Players can discover new NFTs every day or buy them from their owners to use as unique power-ups. Players may also compete in monthly tournaments and earn rare NFTs and $KATA tokens — the platform’s native coin. Non-holders of $KATA can participate in tournaments, win extra prizes, and upgrade to become holders. In contrast, $KATA holders will receive discounts on the marketplace fee, NFTs, and in-game items.

Be a part of Katana Inu!

There’s no doubt that Katana Inu is pioneering a revolution in blockchain gaming. If you’re thrilled to be a part of the game, now’s the time to get some action. The pre-sale of Katana Inu took place on Ignition Pad 21 December 202, while the IDO launch is set to happen on 23rd December 2021 on seven platforms — GameZone, BSCPad, ETHPad, ADAPad, KCCPad, Tron Pad, and NFTLaunch.

Having made exciting partnerships with Blue Zilla, Master Ventures, and IBC Group, Katana Inu is also backed by prominent investors such as Stakes Capital, 2crazy, R-930, WeeHodl, Fish Dao, Vesperine Capital, 316VC, Seed Thrift, OIG, and Calvert Drive Ventures.

Click here to learn more about Katana Inu.




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