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The recent pandemic has rapidly facilitated the use of technology in remote healthcare services. Healthcare organizations are now addressing the need for robust adoption and comprehensive digital structures, as the future of healthcare is looking promising.

The rapid digitalization and mobilization of medical and healthcare resources have altered the way the sector functions, and how doctors and patients interact with each other. Even though countries around the world are spending a good part of their national funds on healthcare, hospital costs are still rising, with the addition of inefficient practices and healthcare data breaches.

The healthcare system is one of the most affected sectors of security breaches and hacker attacks. The stakes are very high, with healthcare organizations having large amounts of personal data of patients and professionals, far more than financial institutions.

This is an area where blockchain in healthcare is tremendously useful. It can help in many areas, such as providing secure encryption of patient and medical procedure information, and handling epidemics.

Use of Blockchain in Healthcare

Source: StartUp Health

Blockchain technology has the potential to radically change the landscape of healthcare, putting the patient at the center of the healthcare ecosystem and improving on security, interoperability, and privacy of health data.

The secure features and inherent characteristics of the blockchain help safeguard healthcare information in a far better manner.

Moreover, security breaches and hacking would be limited by the need to attack each user in order to gain individually their private information. Each individual will have a public and private key that can only be used when necessary.

Blockchain in healthcare can unlock many applications. It can:

  • Protect healthcare data and private medical information of patients
  • Manage EMR (Electronic Medical Record) data
  • Assure full traceability to avoid fraud and protect against liability
  • Reduce time of transactions to improve processing speeds
  • Ensure full confidentiality and selective sharing of sensitive information
  • Provide decentralization to ensure trustworthiness and longevity of the system
  • Remove any intermediaries to provide cost-efficiency and transparency

In fact, the use of blockchains in healthcare helps create a unitary system of stored and regularly updated health records. These records are secure and can be immediately retrieved by authorized users and personnel to diagnose treatment.

The prevention of miscommunication between different healthcare professionals, who are involved in taking care of the same patients, prevents several mistakes. In addition, fast and immediate interventions and diagnosis, and personalized care could also help with the process.

Blockchains could also provide a single transaction layer where healthcare organizations can submit and share their data. This process is secure and helps store the specific set of data on the chain with the use of encryption. In addition, the use of uniform authorization protocols and smart contracts can hugely support seamless connectivity.

As technology is currently being offered as a service like any other user-friendly software, the adoption of blockchain solutions in healthcare no longer requires extensive first-hand experience.

In terms of digitizing, tracking, and sharing medical records, sending prescriptions, and much more, the great challenge encountered by the healthcare industry is motivating many to improve on the existing models of resource and process management in healthcare, through the application of blockchain technology.

This is where Blocknubie comes into play, providing leading-edge AI and Blockchain-based solutions to enable healthcare organizations to stay at the forefront of the digital revolution.

Blocknubie provides the ability to store and manage electronic healthcare records by using the latest advancements in blockchain technology, and online identity management, therefore making these records self-sovereign and more secure.

Blocknubie Vault Application

Source: Blocknubie

Blocknubie Vault helps healthcare entities accelerate their digital transformation by converting paper-based processes to online digital forms that can be executed anytime, anywhere, and on any advice.

By providing a simple and intuitive form-building interface, this product allows healthcare professionals to build and host their own online patient forms powered by blockchain. The form creator creates questions and selects the type of answers, such as text, numbers, dates, etc.

The form author can also differentiate between optional and required fields along with the indication of what a valid answer is. The rapid form-building approach of the application accelerates the digital transformation for client organizations by giving them error-free and environmentally sound processes.

Blocknubie Vault immediately publishes documents that need authentic signatures, such as contracts, patient records, agreements, and approvals. It provides the essential missing element that binds patients and their healthcare records.

Read more about Blocknubie and its Vault Application.




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