Low entry, High Rewards Decentralized Play-to-Earn Games to Watch for 2022

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#1 NFT & P2E games overview in 2022

In conjunction with the NFT movement, the online gaming industry has transcended into an industry that’s worth more than the music and film industries combined. Online gaming is no more a sporadic activity one does in their spare time or is ‘play zoned’ as a hobby. Gaming has, for many, become a viable career option and is catching the interest of millions of gamers from across the globe.

The swift ascent of NFT projects and their percolation in the gaming sector has given impetus to the highly rewarding play-to-earn (P2E) gaming business model. These kinds of games let players earn crypto rewards while leveraging the benefits of NFTs to their advantage. The rising NFT projects bring forth more game-centric crypto-based ecosystems built around the P2E gaming model.

While these games offer players several monetization opportunities, often, these models posit financial barriers to universal entry. Even though the tokenomic framework of the native coin might hold transformational capabilities of turning your playing time into a revenue stream, they are mostly inaccessible. These games offer too simple a palette to hold the players’ interest for long.

To give a facelift to the current P2E NFT games industry, 11Minutes, the one-of-its-kind play2earn game series, built on the BSC Blockchain network, challenges players to attain a high score within 11 minutes. 11Minutes gaming series is going to solve quite a few problem cases, including:

  • High investment as a prerequisite to participate in a game
  • Longer gestation time until one earns their first rewards
  • Long monotonous playing routines
  • Lack of transparency in NFT games

11Minutes is a low entry, high returns play-to-earn decentralized blockchain game series that would be a fresh change against the basic backdrop of the current clique of P2E games. However,e some commendable horses in the NFT-led P2E gaming race could be potential contenders for the top NFT P2E games in 2022. Let’s discuss some cool ones before we treat you to 11Minutes — the weekly series full of adventure with very affordable entry fees for players.

#1 Axie Infinity

The NFT P2E game takes its inspiration from the Pokemon game series. The players can breed, train and buy fantasy creatures called Axies, and later, allow them to battle against each other. The players are incentivized for letting their Axies fight with the other Axies in exchange for SLP or Small Love Potions, the in-game currency of the Axie Infinity platform. These Axies are NFTs that can be bought and sold on NFT marketplaces. Axie Infinity became the most popular P2E game in the NFT domain in 2021.

#2 RaceFI

It is a Solana-based NFT P2E game that employs a racing style and where users can own different parts in the game. The game parts that the users are allowed to own are minted into NFTs. You are entitled to an income/earning in the RaceFI digital world based on what game component you own. The two main features of the game are Pure Race and Battle Rae. While the two available modes to the players include the Player vs. Player model (PvP model) and the Player vs. Environment model (PvE model) — the more exciting of the two.

The game is scheduled for a launch in June 2022, with the developers having completed the series of fundamental steps. The key token of the platform would be RACEFI which the gamers can use to purchase in-game components.

#3 11Minutes: the Upcoming P2E Game Series on BSC Blockchain Network

Project introduction

The 11Minutes Game Series was envisioned by a team of 12 based on extensive monitoring of the development in the game industry. The founders worked on the drawbacks the current breed of NFT-based P2E games were facing. Most of them are pretty basic and monotonous, with high entry barriers for those who want to monetize their play. 11Minutes offers extensive monetization opportunities with huge financial rewards — both active and passive.

11Minutes is a series of games where the players must achieve the maximum score within 11 minutes. The blockchain game series gets regular updates via weekly play-to-earn games.

Project overview

First, a player needs to mint an NFT to participate in a game session. The platform offers one of the most affordable NFT minting at a price of $45 per NFT ticket. Tickets are also distributed through giveaways and competitions held from time to time. The game will mostly be endless and revealed shortly before each session.

11Minutes will bring its NFTs out on the MATIC platform, ensuring low trading fees and faster transactions while bringing along transparency in NFT gaming. The game rewards, with the game’s native token, every player that succeeds to rank in the first 25% of the total number of players.

High rewards prize every week (passive gains)

In-game Rewards: Each player has 24 hours to start their game session once the game starts. The highest score is entered in the leaderboard, and the player’s NFT Token ID and wallet address. The rewards will be distributed based on the player’s position on the leaderboard. The reward allocation is as follows:

1st Place: $ 80,000

2nd Place: $ 20,000

3rd Place: $ 10,000

4th Place: $ 8,000

5th Place: $ 7,000

6th Place: $ 6,000

7th Place: $ 5,000

8th Place: $ 4,000

9th Place: $ 3,500

10th Place: $ 3,000

Top 25%: $ 50 for each player

Besides the above rank-holders, each player is a winner in themselves, as they get to keep the NFTs at the end of the session.

NFT Staking: Besides the opportunity to earn rewards while at play, NFT GameTicket holders can use their NFTs to earn passive income by staking their $ELVN tokens. A total of 100 million gaming tokens $ELVN will be locked for 1 month, and later on, follow a 2-year vesting plan with daily output. 50% of the allocated tokens will be reserved for staking rewards and 50% for Token Auto-Farming.

The platform uses 4 different sources to fund the staking reward pool such that none of the players’ NFTs lose their value. The sources include:

  • 3% of the Token Transfer fee
  • 2.5% of the proceeds from each NFT sale will be used to buy back $ELVN tokens from the market and transferred back to the staking rewards pool.
  • 50% of the daily release of the allotted staking reward pool.
  • 60% of the ad revenues from the iOS and Android versions of the game will go back to the staking reward pool.

Token Auto-Farming: The Auto-farming on the 11Minutes platform will allow every token holder to earn additional token rewards for every token they hold. The reward pool will be sourced from the abovementioned sources except for the ad revenues.

Roadmap & tokenomics

11Minutes’ native token $ELVN is a BEP20 token on the BSC (Binance Smart Chian) with a fixed total supply of 1 billion. The token will fuel the ecosystem built around the 11Minutes Game Series and power its GamePad. It serves various utilities, including:

  • Locking initial liquidity,
  • Powering the liquidity guarantee program where 3% of each transaction will be locked as liquidity on PanCakeSwap,
  • Auto-farming,
  • NFT Farming,
  • Burning automation, and
  • Preventing any whales by limiting the total value per transaction to 5 million $ELVN.

#1 Token Allocation

Private and Public Sales: 17%

Staking Rewards: 10%

Marketing: 10%

Strategic Acquisition: 15%

Gamepad Funding: 15%

Liquidity Reserve: 8%

Core Team: 15%

Advisors: 10%

#2 Roadmap

November 2021

  • Launch Beta Game

December 2021

  • Public Sale
  • Private Sale
  • Launch Game Series
  • Special Game Session #1

Q1 2022

iOS and Android Launch

Offline Events

NFT Staking Pools

Q2 2022

Cross-Chain Tournament

Game Launchpad

Xbox & PS5 Development

Q3 2022

First Game Launchpad Funding

Xbox and Ps5 launch

Ethereum 2.0 game session

Q4 2022

Launch project NEXT

Launch project NEXT token

#4 My Neighbor Alice

This game grants the dual wish to gamers of having an engaging experience and becoming a part of the NFT ecosystem of traders and collectors. It is a multiplayer NFT-based P2E game where players can purchase virtual land as NFT tokens from either Alice or the marketplace. Besides the plots of land, players can also buy other in-game assets like animals, veggies, houses, decorations, and even cosmetic items for their respective avatars.

The scarcity of land within the game leads to price fluctuations. Investors with considerable in-game repute can unlock additional benefits. Alice’s in-game currency is used to transact all kinds of purchases within the game.

#5 Mobox

Mobox, via cross-platform functionalities on its GameFI metaverse, combines gaming NFTs and Defi yield farming. Within the game arrangement, the players can farm, fight, and generate crypto rewards with their MOMO NFTs. The Mobox gameplay constitutes simple gameplay that comprises free-to-play and free-to-earn mechanics. The players can trade their MOMOs or stake them to farm MBOX, the native coin of the MOBOX gaming platform. Players also have the advantage of interoperability, allowing them to simultaneously use their MOBOX assets across multiple platforms.

To keep yourself in the loop with all the upcoming buzz around the 11Minutes blockchain P2E game series, join our social media channels on Twitter, Youtube, Telegram, Medium, and Discord.




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