Learn and Earn: Best Educational P2E Game

P2E, or the Play to Earn gaming model, is gaining huge popularity in the crypto-gaming industry, especially after the NFT boom crash-landed on the blockchain sphere this year. Since Beeple’s landmark NFT sale at Christie’s, the NFT market is getting hotter than ever. The combined capitalization of the top 6 gaming NFT projects stands at $3.2 billion, registering an increase of 1,265%!

Talk about the online gaming industry — even though the world didn’t quickly realize its potential, the free-to-play model became the largest gaming industry to exist at $174.9 billion market capitalization in 2020.

Combining this F2P model of gaming consisting of NFTs, dApps, blockchain, and superior graphics with a classic strategy game like Monopoly, you get The Monopolist — the best educational P2E game for people across ages and gender. The NFT game is built on both web applications and mobile devices like iOS and Android.

The Monopolist is the decentralized version of the highly popular Monopoly game where 2 to 4 players play together to remain financially stable while driving the opponents into bankruptcy via real estate purchases and development. The game rules are similar to the original monopoly game. It is easy to grasp. The players learn the dynamics of investment and risk mitigation in actual case scenarios. For instance, a player can start investing his funds in purchasing property early to evade rental expenses. They can also earn rent from other players who land on their properties as the dice roll.

The Monopolist game is unlike other regular fantasy games. It boosts your management skills by managing your expenses within the game. Players invest or stake their earnings from the game in NFTs and liquidity pools on the P2P NFT marketplace and DAO platform. Session after session, players learn how to manage their assets via a slew of financial and investment practices that they can discover within the NFT game:

  • Patient and perseverance are essential throughout the game, they must follow a game plan. Spending all your money at the beginning can hamper your investing goals.
  • ROI or subsequent cash flow should be kept in mind while investing in properties. The four railroads are the most valuable properties within the game, each valued at $200. Owning all four of them can reward you with a rental income of $200 or 25% returns.
  • Long-term investment goals should concern both cash flow, and costs, and not all expensive properties are worth buying. The best properties are those that trade at a low price but sell high. After all, the winner is the one who makes the most money, not the one who owns the Boardwalk and Park Place.

Investment lessons from a board game cannot be a comprehensive education guide to face real-world challenges. However, it does lend you some basics of investing and trading, which you can go ahead and apply to increase your actual passive income as you play on the platform.

Each win or completion of a challenge rewards the players with $MOB tokens which can be used for transacting in-game business, purchasing in-game assets, and participating in events. The $MOB tokens can be converted into $MONO tokens on the platform’s DEX. These $MONO tokens can be staked to earn points which can be used to buy NFTs. All the NFT rewards received within this crypto game can be sold on the cross-chain NFT marketplace to earn revenues.

Owning NFTs gives players enhanced hash power which they can use to boost mining tokens in the LP mining farms to earn $MONO tokens. Since the platform is a DAO, the users also get a say in its governance and partake in its revenue via the vast store of $MONO and $MOB tokens as rewards for every success and upgrade on the platform.

As players move forward through the crypto game, they can upgrade their characters, earn medals, and vouch out for ‘rare’ characters that can only be accessed via special events or auctions. Each upgrade means higher rewards in the form of $MONO tokens — the payment gateway of the Monopolist platform.

With the NFT marketplace, the users can effortlessly generate, sell, and purchase digital NFT assets. The platform also boasts advanced features, such as NFT auctions, and affiliate marketing, among others, in the pipeline.

Being a blockchain-powered platform, The Monopolist game allows the players to master the NFT game while keeping track of other players’ moves and their own transactions from purchasing to trading. There is no fear of losing the in-game progress, and as improvements are added to the existing decentralized game, the in-game virtual assets will start getting you real money.

This NFT game is a powerful medium of assimilating investing knowledge via a gamified reward-based system. Leverage your skills, build your strategy, and take the lead over your opponents to earn while playing The Monopolist.




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We are here to serve you with the most interesting and useful articles.

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