Katana Inu — The game that traders would love to play

Attention gamers! If you’ve recently ventured into blockchain gaming and are searching for the perfect game that is equally entertaining and rewarding, then here’s the game that you’ve been waiting for — introducing Katana Inu, a play-to-earn, battle royale, NFT PC-game with a built-in, cutting-edge NFT marketplace. A brilliant convergence of cryptocurrencies, blockchain, DeFi, NFTs, and gaming, Katana Inu is a unique all-encompassing ecosystem for both gamers and traders.

The primary focus of the Katana Inu platform is high-end blockchain gaming, which includes a real PC game with NFT equipment, as well as NFT staking, charity, and an NFT marketplace, all built on the Ethereum layer 2 solutions. There are multiple game modes available, including a battle royale open-world option in which people compete to be the victor, as well as a more competitive 5on5 mode.

Make money while playing!

An exciting avenue for entertainment, as well as a trusted platform to generate passive income — that’s precisely what Katana Inu is all about. The Katana Inu marketplace will connect its users, provide verified results, and reward them for their token holdings as a bonus.

Cryptocurrency is undoubted all the rage these days, and everyone wants to cash in on it. However, owing to extensive technical analysis and emotional pressures, conventional daily trading is not for everyone. This is where Katana Inu comes in, with a variety of characters to suit everyone’s tastes.

Every character in the game will have their own skills and powers, which may be unlocked by accomplishing particular tasks while playing. They can also choose diverse battling styles and strategies such as martial arts, magic, melee, etc. Likewise, the game includes different pickups and equipable items that give players diverse capabilities.

By creating a system that produces real value for the gamers, Katana Inu gives everyone an incentive to keep participating. So all you have to do is choose your character, customize them with distinctive skins and in-game equipment, and keep fighting until you’re the last man standing. That’s right. It’s that simple, and it’s also a lot of fun.

NFT Marketplace — The heart of the Katana Inu ecosystem

Of course, the NFT Marketplace is one of the most important aspects of the game. In-game items in the game are NFTs with varying rarities that can be minted and traded on the Katana Inu NFT marketplace. Additionally, digital artists and graphic designers may mint and sell their artwork on the NFT marketplace. Revenue from this will be reinvested back into the Katana Inu ecosystem.

When it comes to trading NFTs, players can be either holders or non-holders of $KATA — the native token of the platform. As a non-holder, players can participate in the tournaments, earn more rewards, and upgrade to become a holder. And when they become a holder, they’ll get discounts on the marketplace fee, NFTs, as well as in-game items. Players can also take part in monthly competitions and stand a chance to win rare NFTs and $KATA.

What’s more? If you’re really good at your game, you can take the game outside to external platforms and become a Youtube content creator or a Twitch streamer, all with the support of Katana Inu. The platform will actively promote tournament winners and their social media channels to gain more traction.

  • Incubated by Blue Zilla, Katana Inu has also entered into strategic partnerships with Master Ventures and IBC Group.
  • The platform is also backed by other investors and platforms such as Blue Zilla, Master Ventures, Stakes Capital, 2crazy, R-930, WeeHodl, Fish Dao, Vesperine Capital, 316 VC, Seed Thrift, OIG, and Calvert Drive Ventures, Girnas capital, Lvt Capital, BCA Investments, Interchain Ventures.
  • The IDO will be launched on 23rd December 2021 on seven platforms — GameZone, BSCPad, ETHPad, ADAPad, KCCPad, Tron Pad, and NFTLaunch.

There’s no doubt that Katana Inu will inject more value into the play-to-earn gaming ecosystem through its innovative offerings. In addition to driving the culture of decentralization across the community and improving the gaming experience of players, the Katana Inu project is also committed to pursuing its philanthropic goals that include assisting orphan children, planting trees, building schools, and more. Indeed a revolutionary project that you don’t want to miss out on!

To learn more about Katana Inu, click here.




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We are here to serve you with the most interesting and useful articles.

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