Incentivize the use of your Favorite Tokens through this Decentralized Ecosystem

Web 3.0 will transform the way we value our online time and habits soon enough. From deciding who has access to our private data to choosing the mode we want to get paid in, things could not get better for internet communities who had always been the ‘products’ of a few social media giants. During the Web 2.0 phase, these organizations have centrifugally controlled the internet infrastructure.

With the advent of the decentralized sphere of internet consciousness, blockchain and cryptocurrencies are steadily taking center stage. The millennials and Gen Z consider Bitcoin as digital gold and invest considerably in cryptocurrencies and tokens existing in thousands now. Besides trading them and earning consequent gains, these tokens are yet to find use in the real world, with a few exceptions of e-commerce merchants accepting some crypto tokens as payments.

Ha! Enough building the tempo, time to take the cat out of the bag now. What if we spread the word about an existing decentralized ecosystem that incentivizes the use of your favorite cryptos and tokens? xHashtag is a DAO platform built on the Solana blockchain that, via a work 4.0 culture, helps leverage the community talent by rewarding their valuable actions. In other words, it incentivizes token usage by building a full-fledged #FutureOfWork economy where people requiring tasks done can connect with people willing to do these tasks in a decentralized interface.

Conventionally, token-use incentivization has been limited to skilled or developer-level functions. For instance, under Bitcoin’s proof of work mining, the first miner to solve a mathematical function gets rewarded with cryptos, or Ethereum 2.0’s proof of stake mining, where validators stake tokens to earn rewards. Besides, even though each blockchain platform has their specific utility tokens and loyalty programs to incentivize the native token’s utility, the impact is limited and siloed.

Coming back on track, one of the most significant ways to incentivize crypto users is to create utility. On the same lines, xHashtag offers the Web3 projects an entire ecosystem where they can accelerate their community and token growth by leveraging the power of ‘Liquid Super Teams’ or the flexible workforce enabled by xHashtag.

How does xHashtag Incentivize Token Use?

Any user registered on the platform can earn cryptocurrency by choosing from various on-chain, off-chain and creative tasks. The tasks could be as simple as watching an advertisement or retweeting a tweet, or skilled tasks, such as filming Youtube shorts. Users don’t need to pay any fees to be eligible to participate in these tasks while the Web3 marketing projects get a new marketing vehicle to accelerate their growth. The users get rewarded with crypto tokens for completing tasks.

But who Reviews the completed tasks?

Things will get more interesting as we answer this one. Participation in the tasks is free, but those who hold the $XTAG tokens — the native tokens of the platform — get access to tasks on priority, therefore maximizing user’s earning potential. Staked $XTAG users also get the opportunity to review submissions from other users and earn fees. Not only that, the users who stake the native tokens get to partake in the governance of the platform.

With xHashtag, the upcoming Web3 projects relying solely on communities to drive project growth and adoption will have all their marketing and non-core tasks-related worries sorted. Besides leveraging the community talents, these projects can set token denominated incentives for the community members who add value to the ecosystem.

Consequently, two things would happen. Firstly, communities themselves will become loyal and vital marketing tools for these projects. Secondly, as the platform gains traction, it would drive investors’ confidence to become a part of these projects. Thus, more incentivization to use the tokens, more utility added to them. (wink)

There’s more. Wait. The xSPL tokens are liquid stake tokens that can be used as collateral to enjoy additional rewards for micro-tasks. Additionally, the DAO boasts an exclusive metaverse where the xSPL token holders will have exclusive access to the discord community and VR rooms created by the projects.

Thus, whether you are an entrepreneur or a part of the liquid workforce, you would have unprecedented incentives. Such incentives allow you to utilize your favorite tokens as well as the native tokens of the platform while being part of the xHashtag community.

xHashtag envisions building a platform for a decentralized liquid workforce that is available on-demand, without any commitments to entrepreneurs. By being the go-to marketplace for any kind of work, xHashtag seeks to ‘uberize’ all skill sets

via token payments.




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