Goldfingr: Stake Your Goldfingr Tokens and Get Rewarded for it!

Goldfingr is the very first protocol of its kind that focuses on connecting investors with innovators. The platform aims to be an all-in-one establishment for connecting, investing, and fundraising. In general, Goldfingr brings elite financiers, innovators, and worldwide influencers together under one roof; the platform essentially acts as a bridge between project builders and investors.

The Goldfingr protocol combines the best range of features including virtual meeting rooms and broadcasts, AI matching for top investment deals, access to capital, investment analytics, and provides access to Goldfingr’s VIP network.

Goldfingr Token

The Goldfingr token refers to the native token of the Goldfingr platform. Its primary function is to grant the token holders full access to the Goldfingr app — Goldfone’s global ecosystem, and reward users. Being hosted on Polygon, the app allows various projects or investors that hold Goldfingr tokens to swap out their fiat money for Goldfingr tokens at a minimal cost.

Once they hold Goldfingr tokens, they are able to invest, purchase tickets, and stake for rewards within the Goldfingr App.

Use Cases of the Goldfingr Token

For starters, the Goldfingr token executes all the functionalities within the Goldfingr app itself and the broader Goldfingr ecosystem in general. Use cases of the Goldfingr token include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Event ticketing, either virtual or in-person
  • Staking rewards
  • Gamification
  • In-app transaction fees
  • Access to Goldfingr TV or platform user shows or series
  • Goldfingr Puerto Rico Eco Village
  • Purchasing other community tokens
  • Admittance to luxury mansions, villas, and hotels across the world
  • SAAS model-user created virtual clubs
  • Various additional services from the Goldfingr platform and its community of users

Goldfingr is Rewarding Token Holders for Staking Goldfingr Tokens

One of the use cases of the Goldfingr token, as mentioned above, include staking. Therefore, staking rewards are involved for users who decide to stake their holdings in Goldfingr tokens. As a reward for staking your funds, you can get more Goldfingr tokens every week in rewards, as well as a number of further benefits.

Primarily, the focus of Goldfingr platform is to let the intending users stake their holdings so that they can take a certain percentage out of all that staked money every month, and provide it to a company that is using the Goldfingr platform, in order to acquire enough funds to carry on with a project idea. Consequently, you get to make additional money with your idle money while your staked money goes on to fund projects through Goldfingr, without due diligence.

In conclusion, Goldfingr is a one-of-a-kind platform aiming at associating investors and creators. With the Goldfingr token and staking rewards, the platform has the potential to serve many benefits to its community of users while continuously growing. To find out more about both the Goldfingr protocol and the Goldfingr token, pay their website a visit!

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