Geolocation NFT Platforms: Why They’re Worth Your Attention

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are blockchain-based unique tokens that can represent physical or digital assets such as art, in-game items, concert tickets, memberships, 3D avatars, and more. NFTs are most often used in conjunction with P2e games or metaverses, and other industries such as the music and fashion industries are also venturing into the area, albeit slowly.

Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies that hold the same value as other tokens on a common chain, each NFT is unique and does not necessarily have the same value as other NFTs. NFTs are usually built on the Ethereum blockchain, but other chains offer different features, such as lower gas fees, faster transactions, etc.

There are a ton of use cases for NFTs, as we saw above, but there is one critical issue with these: NFTs do not interact with the real world in an impactful way, making it much harder to increase NFT adoption amongst people who may view NFTs as “just images”.

To rectify this, let’s look at a new entrant in the NFT space, Lost Worlds.

Introducing Lost Worlds

Lost Worlds is a brand new location NFT platform in the blockchain ecosystem, and it brings unique mechanics along with it. In Lost Worlds, NFTs are geographically bound to certain locations in the physical world, ripe for the picking by dedicated collectors. With the help of the Lost Worlds platform, artists, creators, and brands can utilize geolocation as a physical layer of the blockchain, bridging the gap between use cases for NFTs and the physical world. To put it simply, Lost Worlds is the Pokemon Go of NFTs, if each pokemon was unique and had monetary value.

The main feature of the Lost Worlds NFT platform is its selection of 7 highly detailed NFT collections, each one representing one of the seven continents: Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Australia, and Antarctica. There are a unique set of conditions that must be met before you can mint geo NFT on Lost Worlds. First of all, you can only mint a geolocation NFT of the continent you live in, thanks to the geolocating smart contract embedded in the platform. Each continent’s NFT collection has a total of 250 NFTs in them, where minting one NFT requires two tokens of AVAX.

As we’re talking about Lost Worlds’ geolocation use case, an obvious question comes up in our minds: What about inaccessible places, such as Antarctica?

Since Antarctica is one of the seven continents on Earth and is out of the reach of the vast majority of people in the world, Antarctica NFTs are the only ones not to be locked out based on location. Instead of being locked out, they have a separate set of requirements. To mint an Antarctica NFT, You must obtain the “explorer rank” in the Lost Worlds Discord server and/or own an APA, Hopper, Craft, or 900 GB.

To obtain all seven continent NFTs, you must either travel to each continent to buy them or cooperate with other collectors on different continents to exchange your continent’s NFTs for theirs. If you manage to obtain all seven, you will be allowed to burn them and obtain an Earth NFT, the rarest geo NFT in the Lost Worlds ecosystem. There are only five slots available to mint an Earth NFT, so the fastest people to obtain the seven continents will also be the only people to own the Earth NFTs.

As a reward for being the person to mint an Earth NFT, the Lost Worlds platform will reward you with a bonus in $LOST tokens. The Lost Worlds NFT marketplace has a built-in royalty tracker, which means that even after you sell your geo NFT, you will still earn royalties for perpetuity, in either AVAX or $LOST, the native token for the Lost Worlds platform; so visit the Lost Worlds website and mint your first continent NFT now.

Get Started on Lost Worlds

Lost Worlds is a unique geolocation NFT platform, enabling the creation of NFTs to showcase the world’s wonders in an accessible form. To learn more about Lost Worlds, visit their website here, or join their discord server.




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