Dexsport: The first Decentralized Betting Platform with a Shared Pool of Liquidity

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For the longest time, centralized portals dominated the betting platforms market. All the rules were open to being modified at any time by a single authority. There was no guarantee that the game or the transactions would be fair. Money transfers used to take days and demanded too much data, and there was no way to check a casino’s legitimacy. Such a situation adversely affected small platform owners and players — even if they won fairly, the repetitive identification process and challenging rewards made it impossible to bag a prize.

Thanks to advancing tech, new methods emerged allowing users not to disclose excessive personal information. We’re talking about decentralization, of course.

Unlike centralized models, decentralized platforms disperse data over many networks, making it visible and verifiable to all. In fact, decentralized betting relies on cryptocurrencies. Some of the most popular cryptocurrencies that are storable in electronic wallets are Bitcoin and Ethereum, both hardware-based and software-based.

Dexsport is the first decentralized betting platform that allows players to participate with a shared liquidity pool and collect rewards via blockchain. Sports betting, play-to-earn betting, a prediction marketplace, peer-to-peer exchange rate betting, and NFT art collection are all available on this platform.

The transparency DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) offer has resulted in the growing popularity of decentralization in the world of crypto. With a decentralized protocol, betting will no longer require the use of a bookmaker. And Dexsport comes in to fulfill that.

With Dexsport, every user can observe all the processes now and receive the winnings he/she deserves.

Here is everything you need to know about Dexsport.

What does Dexsport offer?

#1 Sports Betting

On the participating teams, Dexsport allows users to place bets on possible outcomes of win/loss. The money is transferred into a shared pool of liquidity. If the chance is a winner, the money instantly moves into the Web 3.0 wallet, where the balance is displayed simultaneously. A data oracle is used to verify the outcome of each event.

Using ChainLink, Dexsport ports data from off-chain APIs onto the BSC. ChainLink has established itself as the most dependable and rapidly expanding oracle service in the industry. Developers can now use ChainLink to custom code access to any off-chain API. It ensures the transparency and validity of all events.

#2 P2E Games betting

Games have evolved into means of earning money, with players receiving cryptocurrencies or Non-fungible Tokens (NFT) for completing particular tasks in the game. The trend is spreading, and the number of consumers attracted is increasing every day, with the industry’s total value aiming for $325 billion by 2025.

Dexsport offers a new set of opportunities for people interested in making money from blockchain games: Play-to-Earn betting is a type of wagering where you bet to win. Dexsport will accept bets in any format, whether you wish to play on Ethereum or something else.

This represents a new level of player involvement as well as the emergence of a new economic model. You can use Dexsport to bet on the success or defeat of different players if you have the knowledge and capacity to assess the path of the game or if you are feeling lucky.

#3 Prediction Marketplace

In the Prediction Marketplace, the user can make educated guesses about what will happen in the future.

The actions will determine the chances. Rather than relying on luck, data analytics and knowledge are the tools used to arrive at the decisions. If the user is correct, he receives the money right away.

#4 P2P Betting

A user can stake a cryptocurrency’s future rate. It is feasible to practically pick any coin and attempt to predict its value tomorrow.

The fact that Dexsport P2P sweepstakes’ essential products are parimutuel. It is a system in which all positions are aggregated into a liquidity pool, with in-the-money functions sharing the entire collection after expiration — is one of its distinguishing features. For our user base, this adds a new level of fairness and payout possibilities.

Parimutuel system simples down trading to higher (Moon) or lower (Rekt) in a simple pay-off manner.

#5 NFT Marketplace

Using Dexsport, the user can receive, save, and sell sports event cards in NFT token format. Tokens that are non-exchangeable are one-of-a-kind and can be traded and exchanged with other users. They can be used to construct NFT art collections.

Features of Dexsport

  • The platform allows users to run a demo before joining the community. This will make sure the users understand the procedures before entering the volatile market.
  • A bet can be placed very simply, in two clicks, on any sports event.
  • No KYC is required.
  • No registration is required.
  • Your Metamask wallet is connected with one click only to start playing. Click here to learn more.

Celebrating successful IDOs on BSCPad and SuperLauncher, Dexsport is emerging to be a game-changer in the era of decentralized betting. $DESU or Dexsport’s native token was created to give transparent mathematical models for gaming platforms and providers and assure correct validation of betting odds. To learn more about $DESU, click here. You can also purchase $DESU on Pancake Swap and Kanga Exchange.




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