Combining fintech and Defi for an advanced tokenized platform

Source: FinTechtris

How DeFi is better than Traditional Finance

Source: MONEI
  • Standardization — Since public blockchains are essentially permissionless, every API is contactable and open by default in the same manner. In fact, if someone creates a new token, it is extremely likely to be on the ERC20 standard, as a plethora of wallets, applications, and exchanges support this token from day one.
  • Composability — Services can be composed with each other to build new products out of their combining parts. That is why DeFi is combined with the financial framework where you can easily build the fundamentals together. Therefore, instead of creating functionality from scratch for any financial product, you can plug in a suitable protocol into one of the existing decentralized exchanges that fulfill the needs of the product.

Bondex: A Fintech and Blockchain-enabled Talent Network

Source: Bondex

The Bondex Token — BNDX

Source: Bondex
  • Creation of network effects
  • Alignment of incentives for all stakeholders
  • A mechanism for devolved governance and progressive decentralization
  • Economic rewards for the users in the ecosystem beyond the currently used business models
  • Governance
  • Data monetization and distribution of value
  • Network incentives and rewards

Closing Thoughts

Source: Bondex




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We are here to serve you with the most interesting and useful articles.

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