Blocknubie — Partnership with NFT Technologies Announcement

NFT Technologies and Blocknubie Limited are thrilled to announce their strategic partnership. Under this exciting partnership, NFT Technologies, which recently announced its intention to publicly list on the Canadian Stock Exchange, will provide for Blocknubie various services that will help the company securely store patient data on the blockchain. In other words, thanks to the immutable power of the blockchain, and Blocknubie’s competence in the space, critical patient data will never get lost, stolen, or hacked.

Talking about the partnership, Mario Nawfal, CEO of NFT Technologies, said, “we are delighted to support Blocknubie’s plans to deliver strategic technology solutions for the Health Care sector. This approach is important for NFT Technologies to position itself as a strategic support structure for corporations globally”.

Blockcnubie is also excited about the outcome of this partnership. Fran Rooney, Executive Chairman of Blocknubie, said, “This is an important announcement for Blocknubie which will allow us to deliver our roadmap of products which will provide patients with secure access to their medical records through the Blocknubie Vault blockchain product suite and will also provide physicians with medical diagnosis based on mapping patient symptoms against a global range of data sets from medical and research centers worldwide.”

As a company that focuses on investing in cutting-edge enterprises in the NFT ecosystem, NFT Technologies is extremely picky about which platforms it believes have tremendous potential for launching or expanding the NFT market. As a result, they exclusively work with the best companies, and this goes on to say how groundbreaking Blocknubie is and what can be accomplished through this partnership.

Certainly, this strategic alliance will combine the powerful technologies of blockchain and NFTs to bring forward effective solutions across the healthcare industry.

About NFT Technologies

NFT Technologies searches for the best NFT prospects all over the world and brings them to its shareholders. Given how the NFT market is still relatively new and new technology is entering the industry every day, the platform assesses thousands of NFT projects and selects only the best. Owing to their deep expertise and unrivaled network, NFT Technologies meticulously picks only the best firms for their portfolio and invests in upcoming and established companies that would otherwise be out of reach to the common investor.

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About Blocknubie

Blocknubie’s purpose is to offer patients control over their medical data by utilizing the latest breakthroughs in distributed ledger technology and online identity management to provide self-sovereign electronic healthcare records. Blocknubie’s powerful AI system can read, comprehend, and learn medical datasets, patient health records, and clinician consultation notes. It then uses this information to make quick decisions on triage, symptom causes, diagnosis, therapy, and health predictions in the future.





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We are here to serve you with the most interesting and useful articles.

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