A mobile app that combines all social media platforms

The importance of digital adoption is only growing, especially in the post-pandemic era. For businesses and organizations that were hit hard by the pandemic, the adoption of digital technologies brought major improvements. From streamlining processes to harnessing the power of data, and improving operational efficiency, the pandemic has aided in the acceleration of digital transformations and created an environment that will foster innovation and technological adoption in the future.

This digital adoption and transformation could be seen in multiple sectors, including the investment management arena. Given that nearly 70% of the transactions on investment platforms typically happen offline, the entire investment sector rushed to figure out how to invest and establish virtual communities in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Certainly, the rise of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology has been phenomenal throughout the pandemic, especially since the sector recorded impressive growth even as economies all over the world collapsed. Without question, these innovative technologies have provided the world with a solid basis for an economic revolution. Despite their immense popularity, cryptocurrencies are still a relatively new technology. For crypto to gain mainstream adoption, it is essential that institutional and traditional investors buy-in. This is where Goldfinger comes in.

Goldfingr — The revolutionary investment club

Founded in 2014 in New York City, Goldfingr is a members-only private investment club with a network of over 100,000 investors globally.

Before 2014, digital exclusive members clubs, conscious networks, and global investment clubs didn’t exist in order to address complicated issues faced by humankind today. Currently, the platform’s global Mastermind is supporting and fuelling many high-potential projects and transforming them into green enterprises. This is happening thanks to Goldfingr’s alliance of like-minded individuals and businesses, as well as intellectual, human, and real capital. In addition, the platform is pushing cryptocurrencies to mass adoption through tokenizing their economy and enabling the next wave of groundbreaking startups.

The Goldfingr app — combining multiple social media sites in a single platform

In today’s world, several solutions exist for businesses to overcome organizational challenges and meet their objectives. In fact, establishing a solid social media presence is the key agenda for major companies. Some of the platforms that offer great social management tools are Hootsuite, Loomly, Cyfe, etc. However, the only issue is that all these platforms are distinct. If you are looking for an all-in-one platform that allows the use of all these technologies in one place, you may not find one. This is where the Goldfingr app comes in.

Instead of trying to combine multiple platforms, Goldfingr has coded the capabilities of these platforms in a way that hosts all communication efforts on a single platform — the Goldfingr app. In essence, the Goldfingr app is an economic system for eco-systems that disrupts over 11 distinct industries with a single offering.

  • Set to be launched in the fourth quarter of 2021, the Goldfingr app mainly offers private and secure video conferencing for business and investment meetings, as well as access to investor AI and proprietary AI matching in order to raise funds.
  • The Goldfingr app also provides businesses and investors quick access to capital and matching deals.
  • Within the app, Gold Label members can build their own investing clubs with custom branding.
  • Each club has a web and native mobile app for Android and iOS devices.


Members will be able to connect with other members to schedule meetings and events. By using the platform’s GOLDFINGR tokens in future updates of the App, members can stay at Goldfingr properties worldwide.

The GOLDFINGR token is a utility token used to carry out all operations inside the Goldfingr ecosystem. GOLDFINGR tokens allow the transfer of monetizable utility to its holders, unlocking the Goldfingr App’s features, allowing Gold Label Private Networks, and enabling network governance. Investors are able to tokenize the best startups on the Goldfingr app using the GOLDFINGR Token and Goldfingr Launchpad.

To learn more about the Goldfingr app and Goldfingr, check out the official website or stay connected on Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram.




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We are here to serve you with the most interesting and useful articles.

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