$3.5M+ USD Raised In 2 Hours? This Crypto Exchange Converts Influencer Reputation Into Bitcoin

Meet WithdrawBitClout, the first-ever exchange for users to realize their wealth on the BitClout platform. Its fast-growing market cap reflects how transformative this project is for BitClout.

They’ve recently just reached #7 on the BitClout leaderboards as they’re now worth $4.5 million. This makes them the only account on BitClout’s top 10 list that doesn’t have a blue-tick verification.

What is BitClout?

Celebrities such as Jake Paul, Paul Pogba, and Grant Cardone already have their coin valued at thousands — higher than most cryptocurrencies.

But without an exchange, $10,000 in BitClout is the equivalent to $10,000 typed on a calculator. It means nothing.

This is why WithdrawBitClout’s market cap is growing in millions by the minute. It’s the final piece of the BitClout puzzle.

More About WithdrawBitClout

Transparency is a top priority on WithdrawBitClout so everyone has a consistently safe and decentralized experience.

What’s even better is there incredibly low fees — 2% from buyers and sellers.

Many exchanges bait users into their platform through low trading fees but exploit them with deposit and withdrawal fees. WithdrawBitClout isn’t one of these exchanges.

Its peer-to-peer nature makes it impossible for them to take advantage of their users.

Ways To Earn on WithdrawBitClout


  • As volume on the exchange increases, the 2% return from fees becomes bigger.
  • Small investors are rewarded too — 10% of dividends are distributed evenly to all coin holders with over 0.001 of WithdrawBitClout creator coins.
  • Payouts are daily.


  • WithdrawBitClout’s price won’t be the same as the price listed on BitClout.
  • You’ll have opportunities to buy BitClout at desired prices and sell them high.

WithdrawBitclout is Just The Base Layer

They plan to revolutionize how businesses are built.

This will inevitably add value to the BitClout ecosystem and create a growing demand that forces the crypto world to respect its presence. Possibly, one of BitClout’s own initial backers (Coinbase) could eventually onboard it and turn it mainstream overnight.

This all starts with WithdrawBitclout.

It’s the tool that makes the value of BitClout and its users meaningful. Once people realize their social media activity can be equated to dollars through BitClout and then turned into Bitcoin through WithdrawBitclout, it will be a game-changer.

WithdrawBitClout adds the Bit(Bitcoin) to the Clout.

To stay informed with the latest, as well as updates from the team, follow these communication channels listed here:

Website: https://withdrawbitclout.com

BitClout: https://bitclout.com/u/withdrawbitclout

Founder: https://bitclout.com/u/marionawfal

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